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Monday, June 8, 2015

Are These 4 Common Mistakes Putting Your Dream Home at Risk?

If you did it right your dream home search is complete and you're happily making your monthly mortgage payments building up a nice little nest egg.

Smart consumers searching for homes have a plan and stick with it and limit these common mistakes...

Mistake #1

Emotions - Many buyers typically purchase on emotion but it's the one thing they should be running from...Stick with the facts and yes this includes keeping the emotions out of your negotiations!

Emotions are real, acknowledge them but then move past them quickly and concentrate your energy on value.  Everything starts with the value of a home, your emotions will only mucky up the waters and cloud your judgement

Mistake #2

Going Solo - There's a reason Realtors must disclose when selling their own home, we have an unfair advantage!  Mistake #2 is not about, ok now hire me, this is about the 4 common mistakes purchasing a home and #2 is to hire a LOCAL, EXPERIENCED, REALTOR...

  • Local - A realtor that closes properties in a particular part of town or neighborhood.  Look through recent closed properties for active Realtors
  • Experienced - At least 5 years experience in selling real estate.  Yes I feel bad for the new agents, but let them practice their craft and hone their skills on family and friends for the first few years. 
  • Hire a Realtor - Realtors follow the Realtors Code of Ethics where by Realtors share with their fellow REALTORS® a common responsibility for its integrity and honor between each other and more importantly with consumers and clients.
Mistake #3

Making List Price a focal point - Many times to much attention is placed on list price rather than value.  List price can be value but most times it's either over or under value.  

Once value is determined a buyer can decide what is the best purchase offer strategy and more importantly now knows at what price to stop and walk away!

Mistake #4

Being Too Critical

The focus should be on the basic bones of a home not the minor aesthetic issues that can easily be fixed. Old carpeting can be torn out; baby blue wall color can be repainted.  New flooring and paint go a long way changing the appearance of a home.  Number 1 return of investment on improving a homes value - PAINT

Guard against these common mistakes and get yourself in to your dream home.  Looking for a local expert in Doctor Phillips Florida, give TeamConnect Realty and Broker Robert Schott and Paula Hemani a call today 407-347-3800, always here help!