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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Find New Homes in Doctor Phillips Area on Advanced Search Tool

The much awaited new construction search tool was just released!

Builders Update, a new construction search tool, is now available.  Up into just a few days ago the challenge of finding new construction was that there was not a central site that listed all available new homes and future developments.  

Although the system does not have 100% participation, 175 local and national builders is a great start with the last few sure to follow. 

Builders Update features:

•175 local and national builders, with more opting in every day
•Responsive map search
•Home and community images
•Advanced search
•Builder incentives, sent to you and sorted by metro area
•And much more!

The most updated New Construction site around, try it Today... Doctor Phillips New Homes
Search resale properties in Doctor Phillips here!