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Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Real DEBATE Has Nothing to do with Elections!

The Great Debate
The most important period of a real estate deal is decision time...and knowing if you found the HOME!

Servicing the Doctor Phillips real estate market the past 12 years it's not uncommon I see a buyers walk in, and then straight out of their dream home not realizing the hunt is over!  

Buyer are hunters, starting out with a wide range of criteria honing it over time into a realist criteria that will fit their needs. What happens many times is the hunt starts to take priority over finding the perfect home.  That excitement of finding the "Diamond" fuels the home search fire resulting in missed opportunities.

5 signs you found your Diamond

1.  Location - So important we say it three times, but I'll spare you. Keep in mind location will never change so make sure you have this one down.

2.  Is it affordable - If you are nervous about the payments move on!

3.  Your basic needs are met - Maybe you don't have the theater room but will you be comfortable now and in 3 years.

4.  It stands alone - From all the other homes you looked at this home seems special.

5.  Your in love - When you walk through the home it feels like a million butterflies are having a party in your stomach.

Start your home search today and prepare yourself for the Debate of a lifetime!

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