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Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer is heating up Winter Garden real estate

We all know how hot the weather can get this time of year but along with the hot Summer Sun something else is heating up as well.  It's no secret there are local real estate markets bouncing back.  Dr Phillips real estate, Windermere, Winter Park and Lake Mary have already stepped over from declining markets to stabilizing ones, and until just recently Winter Garden real estate

In 2007 Winter Garden had 447 single family homes that closed, compare this to 395 homes sold so far this year keeping in mind we have over 5 months remaining.  Communities like Stoneybrook West used to have up to 90 active homes at one time for sale, today there are 19, six "short sales", 12 regular sellers and only one bank owned property.  Stoneybrook West is not the only area seeing dramatic drops in available homes, communitiles like Black Lake Park and John's Landing are seeing the same kind of results.

Add the new construction in Winter Garden which until just recently was non exsistant and that alone should point to decline of available homes compared to buyers that want to purchase, believe me builders aren't building unless they know there buyers and money to be made.